Ingredients for your own individual Salon

For us, the Salons in Berlin, Belfast, Sofia and Stuttgart are just a starting point. We envision discussions about the Radical spreading independently. What are your thoughts and questions? How does your environment think about it? Here you can find Slow Food’s first fair recipes with short background stories and tips - more to come – alongsidea, the four film portraits as well as questions for getting your discussion within your own Salon deRadika started. Which questions are discussed most fiercely?
Let us know.

The concept is adaptable to all kinds of groups and settings: social projects, refugee aid workers, school classes, political activists, artists, sports clubs, religious communities, educational institutions, family and friends ...
The questions in your discussion can be modified depending on the topic. Our toolkit provides assistance in preparing your own Salon deRadika.
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

The 3 ingredients for your own individual salon

The 4 filmic stories

The recipes

Our moderation proposals for downloading