The political salon on its way through Europe

We want to open up a discussion about the Radical – what it means to be politically engaged and what can make it either dangerous or constructive. We have therefore invited selected guests in four European cities to join us for a special dinner with short films and discussions and to partake in Salon deRadika – Think fast, eat slow.

That should not be all. The salon shall become independent, as many people as possible shall be concerned about the radical and ask questions. You can find out how the salon can be easily transferred into different scenarios here: By providing the online Toolkit, we bring the relevant tools for hosting your own salon directly to your table.

In our salons in Berlin, Sofia, Belfast, and Stuttgart, we will focus on the Radical in Europe. Where do its roots lie? Where are the breeding grounds for extreme and radical worldviews? Why are steadily growing segments of Europe’s population becoming radicalized? Does the radical not reside in each and every one of us? Do we not, as a society, perhaps indeed need the radical for our society to continue to develop? And, fundamentally, what does radicalism even mean?

On our menu, we offer a three-course meal, four short films, and two rounds of discussion. Even the food is political. For, food is among the most elemantary things we do each day. In the salon deRadika it is selected according to political priciples Slow Food stands up for: good, clean, fair.

Through personal stories about politically radical Europeans, a moderated discussion with participants, and the unifying form of sharing a dinner, deRadika wants to both dissect the Radical and find answers to essential societal challenges as well as to challenge you to become an active advocate for Europe!

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