deRadika - Think fast, eat slow

The deRadika project digs for the roots of the radical in Europe. To do this, we show video portraits of particularly militant Europeans and host film discussion evenings on the state of Europe today.

We initiated this project because it appears to us that for many Europeans the shared belief in the value of peaceful and democratic cooperation has been fundamentally shaken. Animosity and anxiety are poisoning the atmosphere.

What is wrong with Europe? Can’t we figure out a different way?

deRadika speaks to people who are dissatisfied with status quo Europe. Naturally, there are a great many different visions for what would make for a better Europe and, depending on the point of view, a constructive or a destructive approach is taken.

Radical thought and action seems to be a solution for many in the face of an ever less transparent and ever more confusing world, with its seemingly endless series of financial crises, migration flows, and the feeling of powerlessness against global conflicts, terror, and ecological catastrophes.

In locations across Europe, our Salon deRadika, offers the opportunity to discuss and argue these questions over a mutually politically charged meal.

Thereby we probe the ambivalence of the concept of the radical and search for possibilities to contain its destructive potential, while simultaneously looking for its creative power.

In real life, we travel through Europe – virtually we remain here. At any time, you can discuss with us on Twitter. Our blog reports on current deRadika events and insights.

Our project partner is the organization Slow Food, and thus we are cooperating with people who are engaged in bringing about a nutritional revolution – away from the highly industrialized food industry to small-scale organic agriculture. For Slow Food, everything about food is highly political – thus the organization fits well to deRadika’s mission.

As a participant in one of our salons, you will be served a meal freshly prepared according to Slow-Food principles. On our website, you can find recipes that you can prepare yourself, you can invite others to join in and, using our suggestions for moderation, you can ignite a discussion based on our four video portraits.

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